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Coronavirus in Colorado: Latest from July 1


Coronavirus in Colorado: Latest from July 1

the largest testing center in the state will not be slashing its testing schedule after all just yesterday city of Denver said a shortage of testing supplies for the Pepsi Center location was forcing them to do that other states dealing with surging cases like Arizona and Utah they said needed those tests more today state of Colorado swooped in with more supplies the city said that it did not know that the state had those 10,000 kits on standby city and states say they're working together to come up with a funding plan to keep that site open when federal funding runs out Colorado's seeing a slight increase in cases hence the need for consistent testing these days hospitalizations have also climbed a bit but they remain generally generally low compared to what we've seen past weeks 144 patients are currently being treated for covin 19 is 132 a couple days ago 23 people have gone home or to another facility in last 24 hours so there are now 20 official outbreaks recorded by the state at various restaurants mostly affecting staff including at least three attendee cases as they're called to these new outbreaks included a tavern in Creede and an adult entertainment center in Adams County researchers at Colorado State are using cell phone data to track where the next coronavirus hotspot may pop up they're studying existing cellular wireless networks to study how people with cell phones move where they go and where they gather they check that data with population density and they're using real-time data to predict areas with a higher risk for widespread coronavirus transmission professor Edwin Chong says that cities could use this data to discourage users to avoid hotspots it could also help government and hospital leaders responding to the virus if you have to prioritize and allocate resources appropriately that's the kind of place you would want to you know focus your attention on professor Chung says cities could use that data to see if communities are following Public Health orders he says this is not a contact tracing method they're not tracking individuals so they can also protect privacy it's been a bit of a whirlwind for our bars closed then open for two weeks and then closed again governor jared Polis announced it yesterday now some bars will have to close again to avoid the spread of copán 19 you hope that you can recoup some of those expenses to try to catch up for lost expenses bars that do not serve food will have to close reporter Allie Levine talked to some of those bars two weeks ago when they opened back up she stopped by again today her full story coming up at 9:30

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