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Top Soccer Shootout Ever With Scott Sterling (Original)


Top Soccer Shootout Ever With Scott Sterling (Original)

We are back with our coverage of the game of the year between Yale and North Carolina. If you just tuned in, we have witnessed a very close game, and everything will be defined in penalties. Here's the first kicker from the Yale team … OH! And there you have it, A great goal! Amazing! The North Carolina goalkeeper couldn't cover the first one, so the responsibility now lies with Scott Sterling of Yale. This man has to have nerves of steel to be able to deal with this important moment … So is…. And now the rostrum cheers him. Johnson places the ball on the penalty spot, and get ready. This man literally has a leg barrel. If it does. Here it's about to shoot and … AAH! that was a cannon shot! And Sterling stopped that shot with the face. Our meter says that shot was going 116 kilometers per hour.

Many miles per hour! That was literally a cannon shot to the face. That shot most likely broke the goalkeeper's nose. It is most likely! Now they come to check on Sterling so that everything is in order. But it was still an amazing cover up. But it hasn't the night is over for him. Already managed to stop, although a little dizzy … But not defeated Fans are obsessed with it.

And his companions receive him as a hero. Here comes the Yale team for their second try dial two to zero. He approaches the ball with determination and kicks. Here it goes. OH !!! Oh, he sent her to the rostrum, a missed shot. Yes it is… It looks like he thought it was American football. [LAUGH] He was wrong about soccer I would say. [LAUGH] Exactly. We went back to the finish with Scott Sterling, who still seems a little dizzy, but it's ready for the second round. Here Johnson prepares, and comes with the shot, kicks and Oh my Sterling is pulled spectacularly and the cap! The ball spins, it gets out of hand and goes straight to hit his face, straight to the nose.

Let's look again at the replay of the play. And we can see every little detail of the game captured in high definition. The ball was going at a speed of 129 kilometers per hour. Sterling doesn't look very good. Two spectacular covers but two safe concussions. It seems to me they should make a change now, he already did everything he could. Yes, his coach comes to take him off the field like a mustached lion dragging its prey by the savanna.

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Adieu, Scott Sterling. Adieu. Yale is coming now with his third penalty. In the arch is Richonds, jumping like a girl in the meadow. The public holds their breath and here comes the shot and OH, a pretty mediocre kick. We'll see who they put instead of … And Scott Sterling is back. It's still in the game. We can't believe it, but it seems that this time he is employing a very unusual tactic. It looks like he's trying to cover his face. I don't know if this technique will cover the shot but there we will see. No, no, it seems that Lambert has to tie his shoe. Children, that is why you always have to double tie. Stirling is still waiting for the penalty. You're probably thinking when Oh my Hail Mary, good heavens! Again Sterling covers the shot with his face! AH !!! … That man's nose must be absolutely smashed! She'll be like a witch who got through the broom in the nose and hit him like a hammer. The truth is that I don't really care about this shot anymore, Let's go back to Scott Sterling! The man The myth, the legend!! three covered pefect a ball by sterling and his catlike face reflexes and his catlike face reflexes It is a spectacle, although I must tell you that Sterling doesn't look good at all.

Well you know soccer players like it have a little drama, don't you think? I think it's time to get it out … Oh wait I think it's still going on, they're bringing him a chair. A very daring decision for the coach. Here comes Bain for the fourth charge. And this, the truth, is that it is very easy. You can literally kick it anywhere except where Stirling is sitting. There is no way North Carolina can miss this shot. Oh my That one was going 150 kilometers an hour! This man does everything well. Look at him begging for mercy when mercy It's the one that should be begging him. He already saw death in the eyes and said, give me the best you have.

To which death responds with gunshots to the face over and over and over again. If Yale manages to score in his last I try here it ends, but no! They failed it again so it all depends on … Scott Sterling! Her face is like a brick wall. A brick wall that feels a lot of pain and cries a lot. Where did Sterling go? It appears to be crawling away from the arch. What are you doing? He's giving up! Ouch! Sterling has done the impossible! AHHHHH !!! I can not believe it, check it out! It has done everything right! What amazing instincts when trying to escape the goal and cover a shot like that.

His companions celebrate with emotion, screaming like wild beasts of joy. The ending as perfect as a Bernini sculpture. His companions now carry him on a glorious stretcher. We thank you for giving us this end of heart attack. Scott Sterling and his iron face have won it all. .

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