25 Home improvement ideas #2

This is 25 Cheap And Easy DIYs That Will Vastly Improve Your Home by Peggy Wang 13. Replace the rod in your coat closet with hooks — everyone will be so much more likely to hang up their coats! So simple, so genius. Take out the shelf, rod and wood pieces. Take new wood pieces 3 or 4 that you will used as a base for your hooks.

Next, Paint them if you want. Use level and nail gun to install those new woods and get your hooks done. 14. Caulk and repaint your moldings so they look like new. 15. Add vintage shutters to a bookcase. 16. Use square molding to frame a mirror (no miter saw necessary). We made a mirror frame using crown molding and a little bit of spray paint. It’s not perfect-perfect, but it’s close enough.we bought square pieces of molding (sold in the decorative crown molding section) to place in the corner. See? Buying Guide: When you buy your molding, ask the salesman at the hardware store to cut the molding for you before you leave the store (they’ll do this for free). You’ll want to have about 1/2 inch of overhand on each side of the mirror (unless it butts up against the countertop, as ours does at the bottom).

So, to figure out how long you need the molding to be for each side, measure the mirror from top to bottom and add an inch (or 1/2 an inch ). Subtract the width of two corner pieces. If your mirror is 60 inches long, and your corner pieces are 3 inches wide, you’ll want to cut the molding to be 60 + 1 – 3 – 3 = 55 inches. 17. Or just glue tiles around the border. I went to Lowe’s and purchased two sheets of tumbled marble tiles clearance priced for $7 each. This diy bathroom mirror project was just getting better and better! When I got them home, I trimmed the mesh around the tile to make a smooth edge.

I also purchased a tube of silicone adhesive that boasted it could be used for fusing glass together to form a fish tank. Another nod in the way of boys and their bathroom habits. I figured, if it could hold together a fish tank, my diy bathroom mirror could take anything my boys could throw at it. Then, I spent the next hour cutting, squeezing, and sticking… The trickiest part was the top. I just used a little painters tape to keep them in place until the adhesive could harden up Not really bad idea for a an hour of work. Total cost $18. 18. Make a classy gallery wall for $20 or less. Shocker. We passed the mirror section – which I usually ignore – and I spotted these $2 mirrors in frames. There were a few different color options, but black and white is my jam right now, After I got home, I selected some favorite Instagram photos, and printed them in black and white on regular printer paper. Next, I cut the photos out, used mod podge to coat the mirror and secure the pictures in place.

Last, I layered each photo with another mod podge on top to seal it. That’s it! 19. Hang mirrors on your bifold closet doors. It’s almost like having one big wall-length mirror. 20. 21. Use a bookcase as a headboard. Really opens up your options as to where you can put your bed. 22. Make an easy bar for your balcony out of a piece of countertop and table legs.

This is actually an IKEA hack. 1) Measure and drill GERTON legs into the base of the PRAGEL countertop, roughly a 1 inch inset from each edge. 2) use the the EKBY STODIS brackets as a guide to prevent the countertop from sliding forward or backward along your existing patio railing. 3) To prevent the countertop from warping due to exposure, galvanized steel strapping was then used to further secure the bottom of the countertop to your patio railing.

23. Use quarter-round molding for instant, easy glass shelving. Using the measurement you took for the depth of your cabinets, cut 8 lengths of quarter round (four for each glass shelf you are hanging.) More instructions waits you on other site. 24. Get those paneled antique doors you always wanted with molding. 25. Finally Treat your shower like a window with two curtains instead of one.

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