Site Seeing the Dallas and Fort Worth Area

When visiting the Dallas/Fort Wort area there many accommodations available, from family suites to RV resorts. For example, the Texan RV Ranch in Mansfield has 159 full hook sites with cable TV, swimming pool, ranch house for group functions and convenient store. In addition, this campground gives one the country setting with the city convenience. Furthermore, The Texan RV Resort is ideally located to Dallas, Arlington, and Fort Worth.

The 190-mile drive from Mansfield South to Burnett where Longhorn Cavern State Park is located, an underground wonder created by the dissolving and cutting action of an ancient river. Here one can take the guided tour which is ninety minutes and covers just over a mile of the more than eight miles of cavern. The State Park if free to enter, yet one has to pay for the Cavern tour. Once inside, one will discover the wonders of what nature can do and provide for our enjoyment. Learning about the history of the Cavern is quiet fascinating. While some areas of the cavern are open, others are pretty tight and very attractive.

Everyone should spend at least one day in downtown Dallas. Fair Park just South of downtown covers 277 acres and has one of the worlds’ largest collections of art décor. The park is full of Museums, amusement venues and gardens. The biggest surprise was the Cotton Bowl stadium being in the park. Without a doubt, one could spend days at Fair park. The Dallas Heritage village just a few blocks from downtown was very educational, as well as some history of Texas. The historical society moved old buildings from around the state dating back to the late 1800’s to this location. Well worth the visit. Dallas has an abundance of places to see and things to do for all families to enjoy.

South Fork Ranch in Parker just North of Dallas is a must see for anyone that followed the Dallas TV series. A gentleman named Duncan built the home for his wife and three children. When he was approached about filming there, he told them no. A week later the network showed back up and he agreed; however, there was to be no filming inside and they could only film three months out of the year, June, July and August. The scenes from the outside were filmed here, while the inside was filmed in California in a studio. The ground floor of the mansion portrays many aspects of the television series, yet the upstairs only has one bedroom which is set up as JR’s. In the visitor center, one will find memorabilia from the series.

Downtown Arlington’s River Legacy City Park, is ideal for a family picnic as well as for walking the pets. This park has off-road trails for bike riding, as well as paved walking trails. Crystal Canyon Natural Area has only a few man-made items available and a parking lot for just nine vehicles. Walking the trail gives one the feeling of being deep in the woods, yet you are right in town. A great place for lunch is Kincaid’s Hamburger’s.

The Dallas Cowboys play all their home games at AT&T Stadium in Arlington Texas. Although many people aren’t sports fans, this is a must-see place. The stadium is the largest indoor sports venue in the world. If you place the Statue of Liberty on the playing field, it won’t touch the roof. The stadium itself, has no bad seats, for there are no support columns inside the stadium. The structure is supported by two one quarter mile arches, which are anchored in 125 feet of concrete. Unlike many stadiums, the playing field is fifty feet below the street level. This stadium hosts more than one hundred events each year.

Just at the edge of downtown Fort Worth is the Fort Worth Water Gardens. Here one will find many types of water features with magnificent landscaping. The water garden is a place to just sit and relax in a tranquil environment. Log Cabin Village, also located in Fort Worth displays nine log homes from 19th century Texas. Here one can leave the present behind and experience the past through log homes and artifacts.

A must see in Fort Worth is the Stockyard Historical District. Learn all about the old west on the walking tour and museums. Relax for a while and watch a live rodeo and old west show in the coliseum. Witness the world’s only Texas Longhorn cattle drive right down main street, afterwards get a beverage from one of the old west saloons. Have the kids visit the Cowtown cattle pen maze and animal petting area. Or just relax under an umbrella in front of the Livestock Exchange building. For some authentic Texas Barbeque, try Riscky’s Barbeque located right at the Stock Yard.

For the person which enjoys the beauty of blooming flowers, the Fort Worth Botanic Garden is a must place to visit. A leisurely walk around the gardens takes about one hour. Here one will find many species of flowers and tress as well as artificial flowers and animals.

Located in Fresco is the Ford Center at The Star, home of the Dallas Cowboys training facility and Corporate offices. Here one will find an indoor practice field as well as an outdoor field. The indoor field hosts High School football games as well as other events. During events the indoor field and surrounding seating are available to the public. Other than during an event, one must pay for the guided tour. The tour will include, both practice fields, weight room, lunch room, film room, radio station, and interview room. Other areas shown, will cover the history of the Dallas Cowboys and the main lobby where their Superbowl Trophy’s are on display, as well as one ring from each Superbowl victory. One may take still pictures of anything in the building during the tour; however, no pictures are allowed in any area there are players present. Visitor’s aren’t allowed to speak, wave or approach any player.

All the above are year-round attractions one can visit along with many other activities. In addition, there are seasonal attractions as well. Without a doubt, the Dallas/Fort Worth area will keep a family entertained for weeks.


Hathni Mata Waterfall – A Trip to Mother Nature

The Hathni Mata Waterfall is one of the most amazing tourist attraction in the western part of India and is known for its serene environment The water stream comes down from a height of over a 100 meters and is wrapped within the lush greenery of the area.

If you happen to visit Gujarat for a tour, include Hathni Mata Waterfall in your itinerary. The memories that you take home from here will be worth cherishing for the rest of your life.

Best time to visit the Hathni Mata waterfall

You can visit the Hathni Mata waterfall at any given time of the year. However, considering that it is a waterfall, the best time to visit is during the monsoon season. The water flow is at its peak and the waterfall is fullest and most active during the wet days. But yes, it would be great to know that this place receives high footfall as both locals and other travelers flock to it. Hence, avoid visiting during the weekends.

Other tourist attractions near Hathni Mata waterfall

If you are thinking of including the Hathni Mata waterfall into your Gujarat holiday planner, you should include a couple of other places also. Here are a few other places near Hathni Mata waterfall that you can visit:

Jambughoda Wildlife Sanctuary

The Jambughoda Wildlife Sanctuary is situated at around 70 kilometers away from Vadodara. It is like a detached natural forest surrounding that embarks on the purest form of Mother Nature. Cell phone connectivity is lower during most of the time inside this sanctuary and bird watching is the most opted activity you can indulge in. This wildlife sanctuary is also the home of many tribal people who find it safe and worthy of living in.

Pavagadh Hill

The Pavagadh hill is famous for the Temple of Mother Kali, which happens to be the oldest temple in the area and has its origin dating back to the 11th century. The topmost spot of the hill is around 762 meters (approx) above the sea level and the temple is situated right there. In order to reach the temple, you will need to walk for about five kilometers along the unmanned terrain. Alternatively, you can take a ropeway cable car to the top of the hill from the midpoint.

Champaner-Pavagadh Archaeological Park

The Champaner-Pavagadh Archaeological Park is ranked among the UNESCO World Heritage sites and has many archaeological excavations from the old heritage properties in this region. The Kalikamata Temple is also a popular place to visit here.

Your tour at the Hathni Mata Waterfall will be worth every moment spent as the serene surrounding and other points of interests in this place, which are also rich in heritage, make it the most compelling and wonderful places of western India.


Visiting Amarillo

Amarillo know for its cattle and cowboys is a city located in the panhandle of Texas, and is a city worth spending some time in. The city offers great restaurants, museums, and State Parks are located close by. The world-famous Big Texan Steak Ranch built in 1960 on route 66 soon became famous across the country, the sign of the long-legged cowboy has become a national landmark. Another landmark just West of Amarillo right on route 66 next to Interstate 40 is Cadillac Ranch. Ten Caddies were buried nose deep into the dirt lined from West to East. The cars have been in the ground as art longer than they were on the highway. Seven days a week, rain or shine, people trudge through the cow pasture to put their mark on the cars.

What better place than Amarillo to have the Quarter Horse Hall of Fame. Here one can read the plaques on the wall of fame of people and horses that has shaped America. In addition, one can learn about the different types of horses in many other countries, as well as the proper grooming, feeding and care of the American Quarter Horse. To tour this facility is very rewarding and educational. The RV Museum displays the technology changes which have occurred over the years in the camping industry. Also, one can view the displays of vintage motorcycles, bicycles, the mockup of a 1950’s gas station and vending machines. Everything Jack Sisemores Traveland RV Museum has on display has been restored to its original state, quite amazing. While here, take a look at some of the smallest travel trailers on today’s market to large fifth wheels as well as all classes of drivable campers

The Palo Duro Canyon State Park, just thirty miles South of Amarillo is the second largest canyon in the country. The canyon is about 120 miles long and 20 miles wide. The deepest point is about 800 feet. The road which leads down into the canyon is about eighteen miles round trip. Driving the canyon road allows for one to see up close the colorful and rugged beauty of the canyon walls. Throughout the canyon are campgrounds for RV’s as well as locations for tent campers. What better way to experience life in a canyon than by camping? Inside the canyon one can explore more than thirty miles of trails by hiking, mountain biking or horseback riding trails. The canyon is home to wildlife such as Turkeys, deer, Coyotes, Road-runners and many species of snakes and lizards. To really experience what the canyon has to offer, one needs to spend a week in the canyon. To experience the heart of the canyon, take the Texas 207 scenic drive from Claude to Silverton. This quiet 48-mile stretch of road passes by where the 1963 Paul Newman Classic Hud was filmed.

If time permits, take a road trip to Liberal Kansas. On the trip the landscape will go from flat land to large rolling hills and back to the open plains. In Liberal tour Dorothy’s House and the Land of Oz. The Land of Oz is a 5000 square foot animated building which displays Dortheys’ trip along the yellow brick road back home to Kansas. The house is a replica of Dorothy’s home from the movie, The Wizard of Oz. To experience some history, head out to the Liberal airport and tour the Mid-America Air Museum. Marvel at the World War ll fighters along with planes from the Korean and Vietnam wars.


Traveling for Fun: 3 Tips for a Solo Adventurer

People mostly travel for fun, but have you ever thought about traveling on your own? According to most soloist travelers, traveling alone brings a lot of fun and boosts confidence.

One advantage is you can write your own itinerary and the other one is to not think too much of time compared with traveling with a companion.

If you have been traveling for a long time now and have not tried traveling alone yet, perhaps this is something you may want to consider in the future.

We know some of you might still feel scared at the thought of it, but it is actually not as scary as you think it would be, especially after you’ve done it.

Traveling on your own is still fun, although the fun it brings might somehow be different compared with traveling with a companion. If you want to be a solo adventurer next time, the first thing you need to do is to be prepared for it.

By saying prepared, this means there are some tips to follow. In this article, you would learn some of the tips shared by other solo adventurers that will help make the entire trip fun and memorable for you.

Bring everything you need

First things first – you need to make sure nothing is left behind before the date of departure. This means preparing everything you need to bring with you days ahead, and not cram, lest you travel in lack.

Some of the important things you need to bring with you are your documents, such as your passport, ID, and tickets, cash and credit card, cellphone and other gadgets you will be needing for documentation purposes, medicines, and toiletries.

It is better to be prepared than never. Always remember that you are traveling alone, therefore there is no one to easily ask help from incase something urgent comes up during the trip.

The good thing about this, though, is that it the experience itself will teach you to be responsible and independent. Traveling alone is not a joke, but because of the pressure and different emotions that will come out, you would have no other choice but take on the challenge. You could say it is a life changing event, you know!

Study the place and learn the culture

Part of the preparation process is to study the place where you are heading to. Study your hotel whereabouts, the delicious restaurants near your area, the food to try, and of course the culture!

It also pays a lot if you also know the weather of the place during the time of visit. This way, you can know what clothes to bring. If you are going there during winter time, then perhaps you could bring jackets, boots, and gloves. Likewise, you bring comfortable clothes if you are coming during summer time.

When it comes to the culture of the place, it is important to know it fully and adapt to it once you get there. Each place has a different culture, so expect that not everything would be as pleasant as what you were used to back home. However, learning a different culture is actually so much fun.

Especially if you are someone who has been traveling for a long time already, you know that the culture of a specific place adds up to the enjoyment of the entire trip. It wouldn’t be as exciting as you thought it would be if not for its unique and interesting culture, right?

For example, a lot of people go to Japan simply because they love to immerse in its culture. Tourists go there to eat Japanese cuisines, visit historical places that depict Japanese culture, and even wear Kimono to complete the enjoyment of their trip.

So, to make it more pleasant for you while traveling alone, try to learn the culture of the place first and once you are already there, immerse yourself in it – as if you are a part of it – and be really merry.

Be friendly

You are traveling on your own, so it would be a bit lonely at times. However, that shouldn’t always be the case if you just step out from own shyness and be amiable to anyone you meet down the road.

Basing from other’s experiences, meeting new people during the trip will add up to the fun and enjoyment traveling alone brings. Imagine learning a different language, copying their mannerism, going to beautiful places not yet heard or advertised, and eating exotic foods with them – it would be so much fun!

By being friendly, it wouldn’t seem like you are traveling on your own because of the new friends you will meet during your trip.

If you are not convinced yet, that is fine! However, try to read some blogs from solo adventurers and dig deeper into their travel experiences to know better. To conclude, traveling alone is not bad at all. In fact, it will give you lots of lessons learned in the end.


Things You Should Do and Not Do in Thailand

Do remember the following things:

1) Always be respectful

Always be respectful towards the locals, monks or Buddha images.You can end up in jail if you try being disrespectful towards Buddha images as they are sacred in Thailand.

2) Dress in a proper way

I know, it’s hot and humid. Especially, for women, you would rather walk with your shorts and tank tops. However, that is not a very good idea if you are planning to visit temples or sacred places. At the very least, try to cover your knees and shoulders.Remember, this simple act shows that you respect the culture of the country.

3) Do lower your body slightly

It is again having to do with being respectful. As you can see respect is a huge thing in most Asian countries.

4) Do take off your shoes

Don’t forget to take off your shoes when you are entering someone’s house or building which has a Buddha image within.

5) Try to learn some of the basic phrases at least

It won’t be that hard to know how to say hello. Men say “Sawatdee-krap” and women say “Sawatdee-kah”. Try to recognise the “wai” gesture.You as a foreigner are not expected to initiate the “wai” gesture, but if someone offers it first to you, try to return it back. However, never return a “wai” to a child, waiter, clerk, etc. Simply nod and smile in response.

The followings are not advisable in Thailand:

1) Never be disrespectful

Do not show any disrespect towards the locals, the royal family, monks, just never towards anybody.

2) Never try to touch the head

It is a very disrespectful act, even if you mean it as a joke. Head is sacred in Thailand.

3) Never cross your legs

Especially in front of elderly or monks do not cross your legs. It applies whether you are sitting on the floor or in a chair.

4) Never pass anything with your left hand.

Also, never point with your hand and never, never with one finger.

5) Try not to be so affectionate in Public

It is a taboo to touch the opposite sex in Public. Please refrain yourself from being too intimate or affectionate towards your partner in public.

6) Do not, I repeat, do not touch a woman publicly without her consent

As I have mentioned before, touching the opposite sex is still a taboo in Thailand. A lot of people in Thailand still believe that a woman can lose her face if she is being touched publicly.

7) Don’t take Buddha images out of the country

Unless you get special permission, it is strictly against the law to bring Buddha images out of the country. Of course, you can easily buy them there, but try to avoid unnecessary problem.

However, these are only some general things that you need to be aware of when you are in Thailand. I hope these do’s and don’ts can help you in some ways. Enjoy your stay in Thailand!


4 Best Attractions in Goa

Escape from the Routine and Step in the Adventure!

Though Goa is considered as the best party spot, it’s much more than that! Chill like never before in transitional beaches of Goa. You must be pondering over the word “transitional” here, so, let me tell you a great thing about the beaches in Goa. If you visit the beach in the daytime, you will experience all the tranquillity in the air but the night parties on the beach will make you go crazy! You will lose it! Most famous beaches in Goa are Vagator Beach, Anjuna Beach, Chapora Beach, Baga Beach, Arombol Beach. Anjuna Beach is one of the most popular sea beaches among foreigners in Goa because of its night parties, Curlies, Shiva Valley, and other good eating spots. Peaceful seashore, western seafood with chilled beer and good music makes this beach highly preferred choice among visitors. Here are 4 best places in Goa which you just can’t afford to miss!

1. Calangute Beach: Waves and Booze

Meet people from all over the world at the largest and busiest Calangute beach in North Goa. Calangute beach in Goa offers long coastline with the bewitching view of the sea. The dotted shacks, restaurants, clubs and shopping areas around this beach make it on the top priority list of the visitors. Encircled by palm and coconut trees, the beach is spread four miles along the Arabian Sea. So, don’t forget to chill at ‘queen of beaches’- Calangute beach.

2. Tivai Vaddo Beach: Essence of Love

Not everybody knows about Tivai Vaddo beach, but all those who visit this beach falls in love with it. This immaculate beach is filled with pristine sights, serenity, and tranquility. You can also enjoy delicious seafood and a variety of Goan dishes available at reasonable prices from numerous beach shacks here. Ritz Cafe is one of my favorite shacks there. In the 6 days, we spent here; we had most of our meals here. This beach is perfect for a peaceful dip, walk or just simply staring at the sea.

3. Meet Sunset and Trance at Curlies

Get the perfect combination of eclectic menu, beachfront location and of course chilled-cocktails at Curlies, one of the original shacks on Anjuna Beach. Indulge in deep senses; lose yourselves in the moment, like you own it! Yes, be ready to feel the beat like never before! Do not miss your chance to blow it off!

4. Inexplicable Peace Homestay

Waking up to the chirping of birds and magnificent sunrise, this place is designed to make you feel like you are in heaven! The crystal work over the walls, the perfection in every room, even the minute detail has been taken care of! Peace Homestay is truly a dream house! You will have to say “wow” at every step! This house is a delight for every art lover! Situated at the dead end of Chapora at the base of a hill on top, this place has it all!

The greatest aspect of traveling is that it gives you an ability to witness all the things in a kind of foreshortened timeline. You get to meet a better version of “You” every time you start your journey! Your perspective on things start changing and you become an obtrusive person, for good. And that’s how traveling makes you ponder, wonder and squander!


Should You Travel Alone?

Hello, ladies and gentleman, There’s no better feeling than setting a courageous goal for yourself in your life; jumping from an airplane with an open heart and an open mind.

Your young age years are your years of freedom, before mortgages, kids, and general grown-up responsibilities kick in. Too many people let fear of the unknown stop them from taking chances and forget that only with great risk comes great reward.

If you decide to take an adventure and ready to move a new city where you don’t know anyone, there are some of the wonderful things you will discover along in your way:

You’ll be introduced to new and exciting ways to have fun

Your friends in a new city will introduce you to diverse local customs, adventures off the beaten path and fresh perspectives on how to have fun. All things considered, it truly is. When you open your brain to the conceivable outcomes of moving and voyaging, you can go wherever you need. Move like the breeze.

Welcome change with open arms and live in whatever nation, city, town or neighborhood that suits your cadence and wants. You’ll build up the social slip to stroll into a gathering alone and not flutter an eyelid

Except for the profoundly outgoing individuals among us, a great many people feel a specific feeling of fear when they’re welcome to go to a social event solo.

You stress you won’t know anybody and that you’ll feel awkward, adhered conversing with some weirdo. You’ll wind up getting far excessively alcoholic, making it impossible to make up for the greater part of the cumbersomeness.

All things considered, fear not. When you move to another city, you wind up going to such huge numbers of gatherings alone that it will quit staging you at all and you’ll turn into an expert at social connections.

Before you know it, you’ll have the capacity to start the casual conversation, get a chuckle, ask the correct inquiries and men ably pardon yourself from discussions easily. Social tension will be a relic of days gone by. Maybe a standout amongst other takeaways from moving urban areas is the self-disclosure you’ll have. The more you travel and live abroad, the more your needs will move and you won’t have the capacity to help yet find out about yourself route.

The decision to put it all out there and assume liability for your own life is an unimaginably effective affair. Bringing your predetermination into your own hands enables you to rediscover your fantasies, wants and to shape the way before you.

You’ll have the opportunity to reinvent yourself.


Trip to Three Jewels of North India: Delhi, Jaipur and Agra

Are you completely exhausted physically and mentally running behind the harsh day-to-day routine? Do you want to release stress spending some time with family? Are you planning for a vacation trip to rejuvenate and return with stress-free body, mind, and soul? Then, the golden triangle tour might be your right choice. During a Delhi Agra Jaipur tour, you will be allured with the glimpses of fascinating art, the rich cultural heritage, and the lovable art of world monuments of different dynasties. Historical places of Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur and sightseeing in those places will enthral your entire journey. The trip usually takes 7 to 8 days in total starting and ending in Delhi. Flights, trains, luxury Volvo buses, hired cars, and hotels whatever may be your choices are included in the charges.


The capital city of India, Delhi is a blend of rulers from many dynasties, particularly the Mughals made many historic forts, iconic monuments, and tombs. The places of Delhi sightseeing that may create your interest to visit are the Majestic Red Fort, the Qutub Minar, the Parliament House, the India gate, the Gandhi Smriti. You will be fascinated by exploring the Lotus Temple and Laxmi Narayan Temple. The crowning glory of New Delhi, the Rashtrapati Bhawan or the President Palace will magnetize you with charm. Don’t forget to visit the crowded colourful bazaars of Old Delhi.


Agra is the most wonderful destination of the tourists from all corner of the world due to the TajMahal, the iconic cenotaph of Mumtaj, the queen of famous Mughal Emperor Shahjahan. It is aptly regarded as the greatest wonder of the world and you will be wondered seeing its marble and enchanted watching the majestic grandeur on the marble. After visiting the TajMahal, it will be placed in your heart symbolizing and glorifying the eternal love. In the evening you can enjoy with your family the Mohabbat-e-Taj show describing the Mughal era. Visit other historical places of Agra, such as the Itmad-ud-Daula, the Tomb of Akbar the Great, and the Agra Fort. The Taj Hotel Agra is one of the famous hotels to stay in Agra.


Jaipur is the epitome of magnificence, the largest city of Rajasthan. The city is rich in majestic palaces, beautiful havelis, tranquil temples, and splendid fortresses. It is a versatile tourist destination captivating exquisite handicrafts and spectacular pieces of jewellery. Jaipur is renowned as the Pink City due to its picturesque view of pink houses. During your stay here you must visit Amer Fort, Nahargarh Fort, Jaigarh Fort, City Palace, HawaMahal, JalMahal, Jantar Mantar, and Abhaneri as part of Jaipur sightseeing.


South Carolina Adventure Travel

British Adventure Traveler Claire believed that she might enhance her adventure vacation by planning it with the help of someone who lived at her target destination. On previous trips, Claire either cooperated with a local tour company or she hired a local guide upon arrival. For her trip to South Carolina in the United States, she tried something different. Through, she made contact with countrymen who live in Charleston, South Carolina.

With their help, she determined to fly over for the final week of Charleston’s Spoleto Festival and one of the expats that she contacted offered to guide her while she vacationed in Charleston. She also suggested that Claire break up her trip, to experience “Chuck town,” (Charleston) on the front and back ends of her holiday by renting a car for a trip upstate to get at a Carolina peach, freshly harvested from the orchard.

The Carolinians consider the Spoleto festival as a kickoff to tourist season, and while many of the events directly connect with the Italian celebration of the same name, the festival means party long and well. For the well-heeled, Spoleto Charleston provides opera, Shakespearian plays, and opulent balls. For Claire, an open-air jazz festival, dirty dancing in the street, and fireworks juiced her interest in American pub-style fun. She booked her flights with Aer Lingus after she learned that she could get a seat on one of their flights mostly occupied by Spoleto-bound revelers. As she hoped, that group adopted her during the flight, welcoming her to join them to experience as many of the Charleston events that she wanted.

Claire got little sleep in the first few days of Spoleto. She enjoyed a sumptuous dinner before a street party every evening, followed by a main event and fireworks. Up early the following day for a grand southern American breakfast with lots of coffee, Claire toured old town Charleston by carriage and she traveled by boat to Fort Sumter in the harbor. Claire power-napped whenever she could to “recharge her batteries,” not wanting to miss anything. During her nap on the boat ride back from Fort Sumter, her sleepy head rocked over onto the shoulder of a British Navy Officer who had also traveled to Charleston on the Aer Lingus flight.

Gallantly, he did not wake her until the boat docked. After treating Claire to coffee, he invited her to join him for a tour of a visiting British warship at the Charleston Navy Base. At lunch aboard the ship with the officers and their wives, Claire mentioned her plan to go get a peach, and they all got into that too! Two days later, they whisked her away in a convoy of four cars as the British Navy Couples drove on a “staff ride” to the King’s Mountain Battlefield in upstate to pay their respects to Major Patrick Ferguson and his men, British casualties in the American Revolutionary War.

But, for Claire, their stop at a peach orchard in York set the stage for the high point of her holiday. There, for the first time in her life, Claire took a big bite into a dead ripe freestone peach. The incredibly sweet juice exploded in her mouth! It splashed onto her cheeks, dribbled down her chin, and onto her dress! Surrounded by cheers and the laughter of her newfound friends, Claire experienced the signature moment in her latest adventure travel. #TAG1writer


Waterfall Destinations Around The World

The chill of the high altitude, the fresheness in the air, the soothing green of the surrounding, and of course, the cascade of water torrenting down a rocky edge, but in a beautiful tranquil manner – everything makes waterfalls the ideal sightseeing scene. Though some of the below mentioned waterfalls may be less approachable than the others, you should know about them and chalk out a plan to take a trip there.

Gullfoss (Golden falls), Iceland

This is one of the most gorgeous waterfalls, especially during the winter. Gullfoss is particularly known for its shape, this wild waterfall tumbles on the Hvítá River in two tiers at 90 degree angles to each other. Due to a crevice, the river Hvítá seems to disappear into the abyss. Set in an environment of mystique, the allure of this waterfall is in its surrounding as well.

Niagra falls, USA and Canada

Spanning across the two countries of Canada and USA, Niagara Falls is one of the most well-known ones in the world. Owing to its popularity, the surroundings aren’t as naturesque as the others. But easy accessibility and numerous view points make it desirable. It is formed of two sections – the Horseshoe Falls on the Canadian side and the American Falls on the American side – that are separated by an island. The Horseshoe Falls are more impressive: water here drops 53 m, while the American Falls drop only 21-30 m.

Victoria falls, Zimbabwe

The largest singular waterfall in the world, Victoria Falls spreads out to 1.7km with an average flow of 1 million litres every second! If these figures don’t amaze you, then I don’t know what will. If you go travelling near it, you will have a hard time keeping yourself dry, thanks to all the mist around it. An UNESCO World Heritage site, it is one of the seven natural wonders of the world. Victoria falls is truly a work of sublime beauty.

Plitvice falls, Croatia

While most of the other waterfalls mentioned here are singular ones, Plitvice Falls is more like a network of falls, making it one of the most unique one. The many drops end in various hues of blue, ranging from clear to azure to turquoise. These finally extend onto a limestone canyon. Located within a national park, one can hike around and across them. The national park is also an UNESCO World Heritage site.

Angel falls, Venezuela

World’s highest uninterrupted, permanent waterfall deserved a place on this list. It falls mysteriously out of a tabletop mountain in Canaima National Park, in its full glory. Standing as tall as 979 metres, it’s a sight to behold. Though reaching it is a bit of a complicated affair, it hasn’t stopped the true lovers of nature. After reaching the national park, you need a river boat ride and a hike to reach the Angel Fall lookout.

Yosemite falls, USA

Located in Sierra Nevada, California, it is one of the highest falls in the USA (739 metres). Being easy to access, this is one of the most popular tourist destination. The fact that it’s located in the incomparably beautiful Yosemite Valley, too helps its case. The source of this waterfall is melting snow, which is why, sometimes the stream may cease due to a lesser amount of snow.