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We aim to provide up to date articles on many subjects of interest to all. Eventually we will be covering way more than we have started with, and these first subjects are ones that interest me. Electric Cars, Genealogy, (I’m hooked on it) Religion (I hate it) etc.

I am interested in how things started, how, for example, well-known sayings originated, so expect to see posts about why we say someone who is suddenly quitting an addiction does it “cold turkey” or why we measure things under the “rule of thumb.”

I am also interested in the origins of place names. In my home country of England there are many fine examples, such as the town of Pity Me, another called Staindrop, and I used to live near Aston Clinton, nothing to do with presidents of the USA, but connected with the Aston Martin make of car.

So, if you have any queries about origins of sayings, city names etc, let me know. For now, we are adding current news stories to the site. Of particular interest is the current pandemic, of course.

Hope you enjoy our site.


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